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Establish communication - Life - Prolonging Treatment

A documentary to help establish communication between a person with an illness and his or her spokesperson, loved ones and health professionals on the difficult subject of the level of care desired at the end of life.

DVD : Life-Prolonging Treatment : Think about it, talk about it, 2008, 15. min. (Sarah Shidler, UQAT)

The choice of Level of Care prolonging life greatly influences the quality of the end of that life. To assure that such a decision accurately reflects what the individual wants, he must first think about it and then talk about it with his family and health care team. These conversations are, however, often difficult to initiate. This short documentary based on actual stories of individuals and health care providers, presents, several obstacles these conversations and how to surmount them.

This documentary is for the general public, as well as health care providers and students of the health care professions.

Before watching: Please take the time to read this document before watching the DVD.

DVD Life-Prolonging Treatment :