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Become a Family-Type Resource

Residence services RI-RTF

What is an intermediate or family-type resource?

Foster family (FA): a household that provides accommodations for up to nine (9) children placed by a public agency to meet their needs and which offers living conditions that closely resemble those of a natural family environment. They provide conditions that foster a parent-type relationship within a family context.

Foster home (RA) : a household that provides accommodations for up to nine (9) adults or elderly individuals placed by a public agency to meet their needs and which offers living conditions that closely resemble those of a natural environment.

Both of these types of resources are family-type resources (RTF).

Intermediate resource (RI): an establishment operated by a self-employed individual, a legal entity or company. It is accredited to engage in maintaining and integrating the users into the community while providing them with a living environment adapted to their needs and support or assistance services based on their condition.


The accommodation services RI-RTF are intended for clients of all ages who require placement due to problems, disorders or their specific needs.


Accreditation process

To be recognized as a family-type resource (RTF), it is necessary to file a service offer and to successfully complete the evaluation process.

To be recognized as an intermediate resource (RI), beforehand, the promoter must file a submission in follow-up to a public invitation to tender by the CISSS de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue which is published on the Quebec government’s electronic invitation to tender system (SEAO).


Looking for candidates

The CISSS de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue is looking for individuals with great availability to receive clients on an on-going or occasional basis to offer respite for the family. The individuals must be committed and reliable and be open to differences, have a physical space and willing to work with the interveners at the CISSS de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Training in relation to the role or experience can be considered but is not mandatory.

Services provided by the resource

The resource must provide shelter, sustenance and assistance to individuals who have been intrusted into their care. They must provide common care (provided by all resources) as well as specific services (determined according to each person’s needs). The resource would have access to training and professional support in the execution of these expected services.



Remuneration is paid according to the type of resource and the services required by each user. Remuneration is defined in collective and national agreements. The RTF also have access to some social benefits.

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