Intensive Care

The intensive care unit provides continuous monitoring of vital bodily functions by around the clock doctor specialists and nurses as well as the use of sophisticated equipment. This care is intended for users who are experiencing respiratory distress, severe trauma, in a coma or in a state of choc, etc. This unit also accommodates users who have undergone a serious surgical procedure.

During your visits, you can speak to and touch the patient taking care not to disconnect any of the monitoring equipment. Your words and touch are often comforting to the patient even, if intubated and under sedation, they cannot respond.

Visiting and requests for information

Visits from family and loved ones are permitted according to terms and conditions (authorized time, number of visitors, etc.) and vary from one hospital to the next.
Only family members or a significant person are allowed to receive information on the health status of the patient. We will be pleased to provide information on your loved ones health status by telephone, in a timely manner. We ask that you select one individual who will be responsible for receiving the information and providing it to the other family members.

Useful information for families

Personal effects

The facility can provide the necessary toiletries for clients who arrive in emergency situations. Thereafter, we ask that personal effects be provided and that they be identified with the patient’s name.