Care and services at the CLSC

Nurses are present everywhere on the Abitibi-Témiscamingue territory to provide you with first line health care and services in the CLSC and their different points of service in rural areas:

  • Change dressing and catheter;
  • Ear cleaning;
  • Injection of medication;
  • Wound care;
  • Irrigation of the Port-a-Cath;
  • Blood tests;
  • Urine samples;
  • Follow-up to chronic diseases (hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, etc.);
  • Advice and orientation to other services;
  • Assessment (ex. : abdominal pain, earache, etc.).


Certain services are available without an appointment or medical referral. To verify which services are available near you and if a medical referral or appointment is necessary, call your local CLSC.

* In certain municipalities, the services are dispensed according to a variable schedule or by appointment only. Please call your point of service before going there.


Diabetes prevention and management clinic

Specialized care and services for managing diabetes and blood glucose are offered in all of the CLSCs. These services are accessible with a medical referral or requisition for professional services, with the exception for participating in classes and group workshops.

Classes and group workshops

Different classes and workshops offer information sessions on managing diabetes. These meetings are facilitated by different health care professionals: nurse, nutritionist, kinesiologist, doctor, etc.

Care and specialised services in managing diabetes and blood glucose

Follow-up of pre diabetic clientele and clients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
This service is available with a medical referral or by personal request from the client.

By appointment only

  • Bring or mail in your requisition.
  • Send your requisition by fax.
  • Contact the services by telephone.


Perinatal services – Early childhood (0 - 5 years) and integrated perinatal services and early childhood (SIPPE)

Nursing care and services for post-natal follow-up:

  • Baby weigh-in;
  • Vaccination according to the immunisation protocol of Québec;
  • Etc.

Also available

  • Prenatal courses (group);
  • Prenatal and post-natal appointments;
  • Home visit after baby’s birth;
  • Integrated perinatal and early childhood services SIPPE;
  • OLO program(egg-milk-oranges);
  • Post-natal nursing staff care and services.

By appointment only

To verify which services are available nearest you, call your CLSC for an appointment.


Sexual health (Prevention of STBBI, contraception, PAP test, etc.)

  • Services of a nurse to screen for and prevent sexually transmitted and blood borne infections (STBBI).
  • PAP test and contraception services for clients without a family doctor.
  • Voluntary termination of pregnancy (females 14 and over)

By appointment only

To verify which services are available nearest you, call your CLSC for an appointment.