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Equipment Loan

Equipment loan is a service of technical aids that allows people with temporary or permanent functional disabilities to live in their homes and participate in social life. Technical assistance consists of any product, instrument, or equipment that can help the user and his or her loved ones in their daily functioning.


Meeting the needs of users with functional dependencies:

  • Supporting users in their living environment;
  • Delaying or avoiding accommodation or hospitalization (alternative services);
  • Facilitate the help and assistance provided by family caregivers;
  • Ensure the safety of both the user and their caregivers;
  • Acquire autonomy for optimal development;
  • Promote social integration;
  • Ensure greater comfort (palliative).


Persons with temporary (post-operation, post-hospitalization, palliative care) or long-term (age-related, physical impairment) loss of autonomy who require technical aids to prevent, compensate, correct, reduce, relieve or neutralize impairment and disability. 

To obtain these services 

Contact your nearest Equipment Loan Centre.