Fight against cancer

Oncology services are available in each MRC of the region with a medical requisition. They offer chemotherapy and other cancerology treatments.


Available services

  • Access to the pivot nurse when a cancer diagnosis is announced;
  • Access to an interdisciplinary team dedicated to the clientele during the entire care episode;
  • Access to consultation and treatment services in chemotherapy as well as services in specialised medical and professional consultations;
  • Nurses duly trained in oncology administer the treatment in the ambulatory clinic;
  • Access to research protocols in oncology;
  • Volunteers to greet the clientele.


Traveling for treatment outside of the region

Users required to travel for radiation therapy treatment have access to a financial assistance travel program. To learn more, click here.

Need assistance and support?

Whether for support, an attentive listener, accompaniment or respite, you can contact your local CLSC to obtain a list of agencies in your area.

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