Home Care

Eligible persons: Any person, regardless of their age, with a temporary or permanent disability, for which the cause could be physical, psychological or psychosocial and who must receive at home, a portion or the totality of required services according to the eligibility criteria.

Home care includes the following range of services: home support, professional care and services, services for families and caregivers and technical support (technical aids).


The different strands of home support (SAD)

Professional care and services

The available professional care and services are:

  • Psychosocial services;
  • 24 hour nursing care, 7 days a week;
  • Basic rehabilitation services : at home occupational therapy, physiotherapy at home;
  • Respiratory therapy;
  • Nutrition services;
  • Medical services;
  • Health promotion and prevention activities (PIED, IMP-SAD program, vaccination, screening and relaunch of Prisma 7).


Home support

According to the homecare policy, home support includes the following care and services:

  • Personal support : personal hygiene and comfort care, help with eating, mobility and transfers, etc.;
  • Domestic help : housecleaning, meal preparation, shopping, caring for clothing, laundry;
  • Civic support activities : help in managing a budget or completing administrative forms;
  • Assisted learning : training and stimulation activities, support for occupational and rehabilitation activities;
  • Support for family duties (or parental assistance) : care for children, homework help, support with material organisation;
  • Social integration activities or to counter social isolation: preventative outings, assistance with transportation, accompaniment, contact and visits with friends, etc.


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