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Make a Report to the DPJ

You believe that a child or adolescent is being grossly neglected, abandoned, that they are a victim of physical or psychological mistreatment or sexual abuse or that they are displaying serious behaviour problems (attempted suicide, running away, criminal behaviour, drug abuse, etc.) ?

You must notify the Direction de la protection de la jeunesse (DPJ) de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

Reports to the DPJ are confidential.

You can report to youth protection services by calling:

1 800 567-6405

What is reporting to the DPJ?

Filing a report signifies communicating with the director of Youth protection services (DPJ) to report a situation that you consider troublesome in view of a child’s disclosure, attitude or behaviour or by that of their parents which leads you to believe that the child is in danger or that his development is compromised.

It is not necessary to be absolutely certain that a child needs protection. When your personal observations or the comments and exchanges with the child give you reasonable doubt to believe that their safety or development are or could be compromised, it is important to contact the DPJ immediately.


Am I obligated to report?

The obligation to report differs depending on the type of report and the situation.


Professionals working with children, employees working in establishments within the health and social services network, teachers, and people working in child care facilities and police officers:

  • Must, in the exercise of their duties, alert the DPJ of all situations under the Youth Protection Act (YPA);
  • Must, when not exercising their duties, report all situations of sexual abuse, physical abuse, even if they feel that the parents are taking steps to remedy the situation; it is up to the DPJ to determine if these methods are adequate;
  • Can, when not exercising their duties, report other situations that could compromise the safety or development of the child.


The obligation to report applies to individuals bound by professional secrecy, except for lawyer-client privilege, who, in the exercise of their duties, is aware of information regarding a situation that could compromise the safety and development of a child.





It is important to note that any adult is bound TO BRING THE NECESSARY ASSISTANCE TO A CHILD who wishes to seize the competent authorities of a situation that endangers their security or development, that of his brothers and sisters, or that of any other child (ART. 42 YPA).


Is confidentiality respected?

The YPA protects reporting. No person shall reveal or be compelled to reveal the identity of the person who filed the report (ART. 44, YPA). The person who chooses to self-identify can be assured that their identity will not be revealed without their prior consent.

For more details, consult the following pamphlet, Faire un signalement au DPJ, c’est déjà protéger un enfant – Quand et comment signaler? (French only)

Youth Protection Act (YPA)