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Housing in a Long-Term Care Centre (CHSLD)

The long-term care centre (CHSLD) is a residential service offered to adults with a geriatric profile and to seniors who, due to a severe loss of autonomy, can no longer remain in their natural living environment, despite the support of services in the community and those around them:

  • People with severe physical or cognitive limitations;
  • People with progressive disease;
  • People with permanent loss of autonomy.

Services Offered

In a living environment approach, the following services are offered as needed:

  • Accommodation services;
  • Medical services;
  • Nursing services;
  • Personal assistance services;
  • Pharmacy services;
  • Food and nutrition services;
  • Palliative care;
  • Adaptation and rehabilitation services;
  • Psychosocial services;
  • Pastoral services;
  • Entertainment services;
  • Laundry services;
  • Hygiene and sanitation services;
  • Maintenance services.

To obtain these services

If you are receiving home support services:

We invite you to contact the person responsible for your file to share your needs, concerns and questions related to accommodation. With the help of your assessment, a personalized follow-up will be done regarding your request for a change of living environment.

If you are not receiving home support services:

We invite you to send a request for service to the reception-analysis-orientation desk of the CLSC nearest you. A counsellor will then analyze your request and direct you to the service that can meet your needs.


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