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I Am Pregnant

Online service: My pregnancy

Confidential and free, My Pregnancy aims to plan the appropriate services according to your needs and situation. Fill out the My Pregnancy online questionnaire now by consulting Qué

Having trouble completing the questionnaire? Contact us toll-free at 1-833-762-2241 or by email at


Pregnancy follow-up

In order to ensure a harmonious arrival of baby, the CISSS de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue is there for you and your family. Services are offered to support you in this beautiful life project.

Medical follow-up of your pregnancy

Before consulting a gynaecology or obstetrics, it is best to consult your family doctor. The doctor prescribes basic examinations and provides medical follow-up.

Consult the list of clinics and facilities of the CISSS de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue that provide pregnancy follow-up: List of pregnancy follow-up clinics.

Preparing for the Arrival of Baby – Online Prenatal Meetings

The prenatal meetings organized by the CLSCs are intended for future parents. Free of charge and carried out in the comfort of your own home, they help you live well during your pregnancy and prepare for the birth of your child and its first days. Register now by clicking here: Online Prenatal Meetings.


Do you have low income?

Know that you are not alone. In Quebec, one in five pregnant women experiences pregnancy in precarious economic conditions. There are assistance programs depending on your situation.

The Olo Foundation

Fondation Olo offers pregnant women and mothers of a young baby nutritional supplements as well as personalized follow-up during the months of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Integrated Perinatal and Early Childhood Services (SIPPE)

The SIPPE program is a support service that helps you meet your needs during pregnancy and during the first years of your child.

To learn more about these assistance programs or to find out if you are eligible, contact your CLSC.


Are you thinking about breastfeeding?

Whether you've decided to breastfeed or you're still wondering, check out the breastfeeding section. You will find a lot of interesting information, including the C'MAMAN breastfeeding support and accompaniment program.