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I Am Going to Give Birth

The big day is coming soon! 

Is your baby’s birth just around the corner? Are you feeling your contractions? Hospitals in the area will welcome you with the help and support of professionals you need. 

To reach this service, consult the list of our facilities under the heading "Hospitals". 

Suggestions of items to bring:

 For the mother

  • Your health insurance card; 
  • Extended health insurance documents; 
  • Comfortable clothes, if you don't want to wear a jacket; 
  • Warm socks; 
  • Massage oil; 
  • Lip balm; 
  • Your pillow, if you wish; 
  • Sleepwear; 
  • A dressing gown and slippers; 
  • Underwear; 
  • A nursing bra; 
  • Nursing compresses; 
  • Tissues; 
  • Your toiletry bag; 
  • Large sanitary napkins; 
  • Clothes for the outing; 
  • A list of your medications, if you are taking them. 

For babies 

  • Diapers; 
  • Pajamas; 
  • Small tank tops; 
  • A beanie; 
  • An outing garment adapted to the season; 
  • A regulation car seat (mandatory to leave the hospital); 
  • A blanket. 

For the father

  • Comfortable clothing and footwear; 
  • Food and beverages; 
  • A camera, if desired; 
  • Reading; 
  • Your toiletry bag; 
  • Your pillow, nighttime clothes and a change of clothes if you plan to sleep on the premises.