Day Centre

What is the Day Centre?

Therapeutic and preventive activities for people living at home whose degree of physical, psychological or social autonomy is likely to disrupt their stay at home. The Day Centre is part of the Home Support Program and is made up of an interdisciplinary team.

Its mission

Maintaining biopsychosocial autonomy through preventive and therapeutic group activities by promoting an approach centred on the participant's abilities, interests and strengths.


Person living at home living with a loss of autonomy related to aging, both in terms of:

  • Physics;
  • Cognitive;
  • Social.


  • Allow the person to maintain their abilities and help them live with their disabilities.
  • Counter isolation.
  • Promote overall health.

Exclusion Criteria

  • A person requiring ongoing assistance.
  • Incontinence not managed by the person.
  • Behavioral problem.
  • Person admitted to intermediate resources or CHSLDs.
However, each application will be evaluated by the Day Centre's interdisciplinary team.