University Family Medicine Group (U-FMG)

The university family medicine group (U-FMG) are training centres for medical students as well as residents who are preparing to practice family medicine.

A U-FMG is a group of family doctors working with other health care professionals in the same clinic (nurses, nutritionist, psychologists, etc.)
To learn more about family medicine groups, consult the Family Group Medicine page.

The U-FMG in Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Three of the four universities which offer medical training in Québec are now U-FMG on four of the five territories of the CISSS de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

U-FMG Rouyn-Noranda (affiliated with Université de Sherbrooke)
Pavillon Youville
3rd floor
Rouyn-Noranda, Québec J9X 2A9
Tel. : 819 797-4535

U-FMG Vallée-de-l'Or (affiliated with McGill University)
525, 6e Rue
Val-d'Or, Québec J9P 0L6
Tel. : 819 825-5858, extension 3549

U-FMG Les Eskers d'Amos (affiliated with Université de Montréal)
641, 4e Rue Ouest
Local 102
Amos, Québec J9T 2S1
Tel. : 819 732-6972
Fax. : 819 732-6977

U-FMG des Aurores-Boréales (affiliated with Université de Montréal)
228, 2e Rue Est
La Sarre, Québec J9Z 2G9
Tel. : 819 339-2092, extension 1

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