Residential and long-term care centres (CHSLD)

Residential and long-term care centres (CHSLD) is a residential resource offered to adults who fit a geriatric profile and elderly individuals who, due to great loss of autonomy, can no longer reside at home, despite support services from family and the community:

  • Persons with physical and cognitive impairment;
  • Persons with a progressive disease;
  • Persons with permanent loss of autonomy.

Use of monitoring mechanisms by residents in residential and long-term care centres (CHSLDs)


Available services

The following services are available according to needs, within a living environment perspective:

  • Accommodations;
  • Medical services;
  • Nursing care;
  • Personal assistance services;
  • Pharmaceutical services;
  • Foods and nutrition services;
  • Palliative care;
  • Habilitation and rehabilitation services;
  • Psychosocial services;
  • Pastoral services;
  • Animation services;
  • Laundry services;
  • Hygiene and cleanliness services;
  • Maintenance services.

To obtain these services, contact the CLSC nearest you.

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