Sexual health (screening for STBBI, contraception, etc.)

Although silent, an epidemic of sexually transmitted and blood born infections (STBBI) is present in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. The increase in infections is a major public health issue and the Direction de santé publique de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue intends to undertake every effort possible to fight this epidemic: monitoring, promotion, prevention, screening and treatment are always high on the agenda.

Sexual health clinic is offered to those who wish to:

  • Meet with a professional in complete confidentiality;
  • Obtain assistance, support and an attentive ear with regard to sexual health;
  • Learn more about prevention, screening and treatment of STBBI (including HIV-AIDS);
  • Be informed about contraception and emergency contraception (morning after pill or emergency IUD).


Available services

  • Contraception;
  • Pregnancy test;
  • PAP test;
  • Voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG);
  • Screening for STBBI (Sexually transmitted or blood born infections).


Professional consultation

You can also schedule an appointment to consult if:

  • You are pressured by your friends to have your first sexual relations;
  • You want your lover to use a condom until you both receive the results of the screening tests for STBBI but don’t know how to tell him;
  • You feel an attraction to persons of the same sex that concerns you and you feel unable to talk about it to your parents or friends, etc.;
  • You just found out that you are pregnant, you are upset and not ready to talk to anyone about it;
  • You are undecided on what to do about your pregnancy;
  • You have received a positive result to a screening test and you don’t know how to inform your partner. You fear being judged or rejected by your loved ones by revealing your health status.

To make an appointment

Call your CLSC.

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Clinique Jeunesse « Le Spot »
1, 9e Rue
Tel.: 819 762-8144
Wednesdays Noon to 8:00 pm for those between the ages of 12-24 – No appointment needed (free and confidential services)

Clinique Jeunesse du CLSC d'Amos
632, 1re Rue Ouest
Amos, Québec
Tel. : 819 732-6696, extension 4243


Integrated screening and prevention services (SIDEP)

The Integrated screening and prevention services (SIDEP) for STBBI are offered firstly to vulnerable clients : men having sexual relations with other men, individuals who inject or inhale drugs, troubled youth, troubled females, people in prison, Aboriginals, individuals coming from endemic regions.

Services provided by nurses :

  • Screening;
  • Vaccinations and prevention counseling;
  • Preventative interventions with partners if needed.

Integrated screening and prevention services are offered in the region.


Injection equipment access centre (CAMI)

Injection equipment access centres (CAMI) are sites where individuals who inject or inhale drugs can go to access sterile equipment to prevent the spread of HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.
There are 40 CAMI centres throughout Abitibi-Témiscamingue, located mainly in Emergency departments and the CLSC, in certain pharmacies and community agencies as well as from street and outreach workers.


Regional infectiology and hepatology clinic

The regional infectiology and hepatology clinic provides follow-up for individuals living with HIV-AIDS and also offers services to individuals struggling with hepatitis C. In this clinic you will find a multi-disciplinary team comprised of professionals: nurse, doctor specializing in HIV-AIDS, a nutritionist, pharmacist and social worker.

Tel. : 819 797-8816

Hepatology clinic

Pavillon Germain-Bigué
725, 6e Rue
Val-d'Or, Québec
Tel. : 819 825-5858, extension 5246

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