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Vaccinations prevent the contraction of several contagious diseases. The Quebec immunisation program is offered free to a selected clientele.

Vaccinations for children

Please respect the vaccination schedule for your child to ensure maximum protection. Vaccines are administered at 2 months, 4 months, 12 months, and 18 months and before entering kindergarten.

Vaccinations are offered in all schools on the territory. The schedule provides for vaccinations in grade 4 at the elementary level and in the 3rd year of high school. You will be contacted by a staff member of your child’s school.


Vaccinations for adults

The purpose is to start and continue with basic vaccinations as recommended by the Quebec immunisation program which is free. It is also possible to pay for certain vaccines such as the one to prevent shingles.

For travel-related vaccinations, consult the section Travel health. Please note that fees are applicable for this type of vaccination.

For seasonal flu vaccinations, consult the section Flu.

Portail santé mieux-être

For more information on vaccinations, consult Portail santé mieux être.